The Catholic Faith
Unbroken line of Apostles

The Catholic Church was founded by Christ, who is her head. Since the Apostolic Times, she has handed down faithfully the deposit of Faith in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition. Though she spreads throughout the whole world, all Catholics are united by One Baptism and share in the one Eucharistic Sacrifice.

Though in her humanness she has always been marked by sin, still she has been held from the teaching of error even to this day, by the power of the Holy Spirit who guides her in her vocation to be the Pillar and the Bullwark of Truth.

Today, she has 1.36 Billion members in the world, all of whom have been marked by the Blood of the Lamb. Sadly, many of these Catholics do not appreciate the gift they have received, nor do they live out in fulness their divine vocation to be saints, shining lights in the world. We at St. Joseph strive to rekindle that fire in ourselves, faithfully celebrating the sacraments, learning the truth, and living holiness in ferver. From this, we hope to bring many of the lost sheep into the fold and attract many more to follow our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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Fr. Mohan Bathineni
  • Pastor